2018 Summer Concert Sponsorship

2018 Summer Concert Sponsorship

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Park Spirit hosts summer concert series at Worcester Parks June - August. Our Summer Concert Series are only possible with the support and sponsorship of local businesses, organizations, and individuals. 

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Park Spirit has hosted summer concerts in Worcester's parks since the early 1990s. Our Elm Park Concert Series has welcomed tens of thousands to historic Elm Park to enjoy family-friendly, local music on Thursday nights. 

Park Spirit is looking to expand our concert offerings to new park locations and partner with local businesses, organizations, and individuals to make that happen. As of February 2018, Park Spirit is working towards concert series at the following Worcester Parks: Elm Park, Newton Hill, East Park*, University Park*, Green Hill Park*, and Shore Park*

* These concert series are not yet definitively funded – listing here does not guarantee that the series will be held. Park Spirit is a small 501(c)3 organization and concert series will only be held once funding has been secured. Park Spirit will help to coordinate, permit, book, promote, and host a concert or concert series at any of the parks listed above (or any other park, following a proposal submit to Park Spirit’s board of directors from a partner organization or individual). The minimum amount needed to host a concert is $250 (or a series of 6 concerts for $1,500), which includes talent booking, coordination, promotion, and permitting but requires all talent to bring their own amplifiers and equipment. In the event that a series has not secured enough funding, Park Spirit will follow up with partners and sponsors to reassess. No sponsorship contribution will be cashed until the selected series has been secured.

As a summer concert sponsor, you are given the opportunity to set up and staff a table to promote your business or organization. As a sponsor, your table will be strategically placed along the main walk away at the concert site and in close proximity to the park entryways most frequented by concert goers. You may use your table and designated space in any way that you see fit, as long you abide by Massachusetts State Laws and Worcester City Ordinances.

To sell food during one of the concerts, the sponsor must have a valid food vendor license with the City of Worcester and submit that to Park Spirit prior to June 1st, 2018.