People of the Parks 2018

What makes parks special is that they are public space - that they are used by people. People and the public play an intrinsic role in giving our parks use, character, and value. 

Over the past two summers, Park Spirit President Brittany Miller Legasey has journeyed to each of Worcester's 60 parks on a 'tour', documenting the visit with photographs and posting a photograph online along with information about park resources and history. 

This summer, Legasey will embark on another park tour, but this summer park users, friends, and advocates will be our guides through Worcester's parks. The People of the Park tour will celebrate our parks' and those that make them what they are. 

In addition to photographs, personal perspectives, and the inside scoop from the People of the Park and sharing that information on, Park Spirit will also be compiling all park information into a web page for each park - part of a larger, long term effort to make park history and informational publicly accessible on the web. 

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We want to feature any and all park users, to provide a diverse and accurate portrayal of how the parks are used, what is thought about them, and how they play a role in Worcester life.  

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In 2016, my first park tour was a personal challenge and a social media experiment.

The encouragement, feedback, and response that I received from friends, family, fellow volunteers, and strangers showed that exploring, sharing, and celebrating our public spaces together has the potential to be something so much more.

This summer and fall, I'm excited to get back into the parks, create some new memories with my fellow park users, and share the experience and the stories online for all to access and hopefully enjoy.

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