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FNH's Volunteer Contribution Vandalized

The Friends of Newton Hill at Elm Park (FNH), a Park Spirit member organization, invested a significant amount of volunteer time and effort to transform the summit of Newton Hill from an overgrown oddity into a comfortable, place of remembrance. They raised private donations to retrofit the steel pole into a 30' flag pole and installed six granite benches. Cobblestones donated by Sansoucy Stone were used to make a perennial flower bed around the flagpole. On Thursday, June 14th - Flag Day - FNH, city officials, and community members will come together to officially dedicate the flag pole to Hon. Paul V. Mullaney, who served his country in the armed forces, his community in local government, and raised his family at the foot of Newton Hill. 

Throughout the spring of 2018, Newton Hill's new place of remembrance has been trashed and vandalized. Under-aged drinking, illicit and ill-placed fires, and trash have returned to the summit after such activity waned and even ceased over the past five years. 

During the weekend of June 9th, 2018 - the perennial flowers surrounding the flagpole were destroyed, as the city-park party-goers decided to build a fire on top of them and trample them. 

You can show your support for FNH by providing your name and email address below and/or by becoming a member of their neighborhood group. Additionally, if you are interested in donating to support the rehabilitation of the new flower bed - a special donation button has been set up below. 

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The Friends of Newton Hill at Elm Park are a member organization of Park Spirit of Worcester, Inc. Membership dues help support the group's continued efforts to beautify and maintain the Newton Hill section of Elm Park and to promote the park by adding and caring for the park amenities and coordinating park programming.

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