#1: Rick Miller of Newton Hill at Elm Park

It's my honor to introduce you to the man directly responsible for my interest/involvement in Worcester parks and the inspiration for my efforts - Rick Miller. 

Rick Miller at the Summit of Newton Hill (his favorite spot in the park) in late June, 2018.

I thought it would be a fitting first stop on our 2018 park tour to bring it home - both literally and figuratively - as Rick is literally my dad and figuratively the 'father' of Worcester's modern parks movement.

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Why Worcester Parks: a Note from the Tour Guide

In 2016, my first park tour was a personal challenge and a social media experiment.

It started as an idea, as something quirky and accessible that would break up the monotony of food shots, travel pics, cat memes, and political pandering that is social media. As it was also my first year as president of Park Spirit, I couldn't think of a more direct way to "...promote Worcester city parks for all individuals to enjoy" than physically visiting each park and posting about it online.

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