Worcester has 60 parks (soon to be 61), all presenting unique experiences to enjoy hundreds of acres of publicly accessible, urban green space. Creating an online presence of each park is Park Spirit's ongoing project - this page, featuring a complete alphabetical listing of each park and providing basic information about park amenities - is the project's first development.

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apricot st playground

A small park (2.3 acres) located on the corner of Merchant and Apricot Streets near the Worcester-Leicester line, featuring a small playground, a swing set, and picnic tables. A Worcester Park since 1940, when it was transferred from the Water Department. 

the ball property

Also known as the Harvey Ball Conservation Area, this 15-acre park is completely wooded and connects the Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center and Wildlife Sanctuary to the Blackstone River Bikeway. It became a park in 2007, being purchased from the ball family and named after the late Harvey Ball, a Worcester native famed for designing the smiley face. 

Banis park

A small, 2,500 square foot, park located on the corner of Dorchester and Houghton Street. Acquired by the city in 1947 and it was named for its location, as it is situated in 'Banis Square'. The park features a playground, seating, and picnic tables. 

beaver brook park

One of Worcester's most heavily used parks and the home of Ted Williams Little League and the Worcester Vikings Football program. Named for the natural brook that traverses the park. 

Bell hill park

A ~35 acre park at the summit of Bell Hill, also known as Chandler Hill Park. It features Bell Hill Pond, formerly known as Bladder Pond, which was Worcester's first reservoir/water supply in 1845.

bennett field

A 6.67-acre park, currently undergoing renovations to the ball field and retaining wall along Gates Lane.  Bennett field is located behidn the state Veterans Memorial Pool in Webster Square.

betty price playground

A small pocket park of little more than a half-acre named after the late Elizabeth 'Betty' Price, the first African American woman elected to the School Committee in 1973. Currently undergoing a complete renovation.

binienda beach

Formerly known as Coes Pond Beach, a small park of just under two acres located along Mill Street. It was renamed after the late State Rep. John J. Binienda  in 2017.

blackstone gateway park

Formerly known as Middle River Park and largely undeveloped, this park is currently undergoing renovations and will feature walking paths and canoe access to the Middle River.

blithewood park

Located on the former site of Blithewood School, its playground was completely redesigned in 2014. It also features a basketball court, baseball field, and gazebo.

boynton park

Worcester's second largest city-park, physically located within the town of Paxton. It features hiking trails around the park and connecting to many other publicly accessible green spaces.

burncoat park

Formerly known as North Park, its name was changed in 1910. It features two natural ponds, paved walking paths, and a large field.

burncoat street playground

A small park of just over an acre located next to Burncoat Street Elementary School, featuring a large playground, basketball courts, and tennis courts.

cascades park

Named for the cascading waterfall visible from Cataract Street, this park abuts a number of other conservation areas and parks and has a number of hiking trails and interesting geographic features.

Coes Park

Worcester's newest park - formerly known as Coes Knife Property, as it is the site of the former Coes Knife Factory. It features one of the most popular playgrounds in the city, which is multigenerational and universally accessible, and the Sterns Tavern.

Columbus park

A small linear park on the back edge of Coes Reservoir featuring hiking trails and scenic views of the pond.

cookson park

A large wooded park located on the crest of College Hill, featuring a network of hiking trails. It is named for former Worcester Mayor Walter Cookson.

crompton park

Located in Worcester's Green Island neighborhood, this is one of Worcester's busiest parks and it's loaded with ammenities: two ball fields, a basketball court, a playground, tennis courts, a swimming pool, walking paths, and handball courts.

dodge park

A 13-acre park located on Randolph Road featuring walking paths, scenic vistas, a rustic stone bridge, and an orchard.

East Park

A large park located on Shrewsbury Street, featuring a spray park, playground, basketball court, tennis courts, baseball field, and football area.

Worcester's best known and most historic park. At 60-acres, this park features both passive and active recreational amenities, including the 41-acre Newton Hill.

Fairmount square park

A 0.95-acre park located atop Poet Laureate Hill off from Grove Street. Largely a neighborhood park with a playground and half basketball court, this park features amazing views of downtown Worcester.

Farber Field

A small park located off from Moreland Street on Worcester's West Side. It features only a rectangular field and is currently under renovation for installation of artificial turf.

grant square park

A small park of 1.5 acres on Green Hill off from Lincoln Street - featuring a large playground, a basketball court, and a community garden.

Great Brook Valley Playground

A 7-acre park located off from East Mountain Street featuring Roberto Clemente baseball field.

Green Hill Park

Worcester's largest park at 482.4-acres, with a storied history as the former farm, home, and estate of the Green Family. It features a number of park features and public ammenties.

greenwood park

A 15-acre park located in the Quinsigamond Village Neighborhood, it features a spray park, playground, basketball courts, tennis courts, ball fields, and a football field.

Hadwen Park

Donated and named after former Parks Commissioner Obadiah B. Hadwen in 1902. It features a baseball field, playground, hiking trails, and a paved road through the park.

Harrington field

A 6-acre park on the city's East Side named after former Worcester Mayor Francis A. Harrington. It is the home of Jack Barry Little League and features three ball fields, a playground, and a baseketball court.

holland rink playground

A pocket park located on Lincoln Street across from Hanover Insurance, formerly part of Green Hill Park and known as the Holland Recreation Area.

holmes field

An 8-acre park located on Plantation Street, named after Pehr G. Holmes. It features a ball field, a playground, a hockey court, and a picnic area.

indian hill park

A 4.28 park located on Ararat Street, it is the home to Joe Schwartz Little League. Recently renovated, it features two ball fields and a basketball court.

indian lake beach

A 2-acre park on the Eastern shore of Indian Lake via West Boylston Dr. It's been a public beach since 1911 and features a beach house.

institute park

Originally donated to be part of WPI, a Worcester park since 1887. The park circles Salisbury Pond and features winding paths, gazebos, tennis courts, and the Levenson Concert Pavillion.

Kendrick Field

Located in the Greendale neighborhood, it has been a city park since 1912. It is the home of Joe Schwartz Little League and features baseball fields, a football field, and a playground.

Knights of Columbus Park

One of Worcester's newest parks (since 2005), it features Reed Field - a rectangular field - and a playground. 

The Korean War Memorial

Another new addition to the park system, it is a small plaza located along Foster street that features flags and seating, along with several monuments to the Korean War.

Lake park

Worcester's 3rd largest park at 110-acres. It features Tivnan baseball field, hiking trails, a basketball court, and multi-use ball field.

lake view playground

A neighborhood park located on Lake View Street, featuring a playground, a swing set, and a half basketball court.

logan field

An 11-acre park named after former Worcester Mayor James Logan that features baseball and softball fields, and trail head access to Tetassett Ridge.

morgan landing

Also known as Morgan Park, this 11-acre park located on Grove Street on the shore of Indian Lake. It features a boat launch, tennis courts, picnic areas, and benches.

Mulcahy Field

A 4-acre park located in the Grafton Hill neighborhood on Dorchester Street. It features three ball fields, a playground, a basketball court, and a batting cage.

Quinsigamond Lake Park

A park managed by the State DCR, it features a football field, tennis courts, picnic areas, a beach, and a 1-mile long walking path. Formerly owned by the city and part of Lake park.

oakland heights playground

A neighborhood playground located off from Route-20. It has been a city park since 1958 and it features a basketball court and a swing set (both currently unusable).

Oread-castle park

A 3-acre park located in the Main South neighborhood. It recently underwent a massive renovation and features a basketball court, a playground, and tennis courts.

providence street playground

A city park since 2010, it features a new playground and Glodis Field, named after the late State Rep. William J. Glodis.

ramshorn island

Worcester's island park, currently only accessible by boat. A city park since 1919 and the former home of various boat clubs.

rockwood field

The West Side's active-recreation area, featuring five ball fields and a walking path. The home of Jesse Burkett Little League and a city park since 1940.

salisbury park

An 11.8-acre park located atop Prospect Hill, this park is best known for its iconic structure - Bancroft Tower.

shale st playground

A 0.78-acre park on Grafton Hill, this park is currently undeveloped. In the past, the park has featured basketball courts and play structures.

shore park

Located on Shore Drive, this park was completely renovated with a new bath house. It features a large beach on Indian Lake and picnic areas.

south worcester playground

Also known as Harry Sherry Field and as Maloney Field, this 5-acre park is located on Cambridge St and features two baseball fields, a soccer area, two handball courts, a basketball court, a playground, a community garden, and the South Worcester Neighborhood Center.

spillane field

Formerly known as Bailey-Prouty Playground, this 1-acre park was renamed in 2009 for the late John W. Spillane. It features a ball field and a playground and is located in the Tatnuck Square neighborhood.

tacoma street playground

A 40-acre park located north of the Great Brook Valley Housing Complex, featuring a playground and a basketball court.

ty cobb field

Located on James Street near the Worcester-Auburn line, this park feature three ball fields and is the home of Ty Cobb Little League.

university park

Also known as Crystal Park, this park is located in Worcester's Main South neighborhood and features Crystal Pond, a playground, basketball court, volleyball court, and picnic areas.

vernon hill park

A 13-acre park located atop Vernon Hill featuring a playground, ball fields, a basketball court, a swimming pool, and a dog park. It is the home of East Side Babe Ruth.

wetherell park

Also known as Duffy Field, this park is located in the Newton Square neighborhood and features a 4,000-sq-ft playground area and a ball field.

winslow park

Another of Worcester's newer parks (since 2008), this park is also known as the 'Peace Park' and features picnic tables, community garden plots, and ample seating.

the worcester common

Downtown's civic greenspace located immediately behind City Hall, it features a number of memorials and monuments, a picnic area, and a pavilion that converts into a skating rink in the winter.