To protect, to promote, to enhance, and to advocate for Worcester City Parks for all individuals to enjoy
— Park Spirit of Worcester, Inc. Bylaws


Park Spirit was formed in 1987 and was incorporated as a 501(c)3 shortly thereafter in 1988. In its inception, Park Spirit was formed as a volunteer group that would work in conjunction with the parks department to coordinate citizen action in and improvement of Worcester City Parks. Park Spirit was originally provided administrative support for mailings, printings, and programming assistance directly from the Parks Department.


Park Spirit is structured like an umbrella. Park Spirit, in itself, is a grouping of individuals who, in accordance with Park Spirit's bylaws, work to program, promote and support Worcester's parks. Park Spirit's Board of Directors are the governing body of the organization, meeting 2-3 annually. The majority of Park Spirit's day-to-day decision making is done in committees made up of Board Members, members and community members. There are also smaller, more specifically focused organizations under Park Spirit, known as 'Member Organizations'. These neighborhood and community groups are part of Park Spirit, making use of the 501(c)3 status and operating with autonomy and independence from Park Spirit's Board. 


One of Park Spirit's primary means of carrying out its mission is by hosting events in Worcester Parks. The Elm Park Summer Concert Series is Park Spirit's longest running event, beginning in the early 1990s. Park Spirit has also helped facilitate concert series at Newton Square, East Park, University Park, Green Hill Park, and Blithewood Park. Park Spirit seeks to help facilitate as many concert series in city Parks as reasonably possible and productive. 

Park Spirit hosts guided hikes of the East-West Trail and other hiking locations on an intermittent basis and by request of organizations/individuals. Since 2016, Park Spirit has hosted series of public hiking events in both the spring and fall under the charge of 'Hike the Heart', Park Spirit's general campaign to promote hiking and outdoor activity in Worcester - the Heart of the Commonwealth.

Every October, Park Spirit Presents: Bancroft Tower at Salisbury Park, opening the historic castle-esq landmark to the general public. The Tower is open on Sundays from 10AM-2PM complete with a historical presentation within the Tower and guides onsite to answer any questions.