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Live, local music: our concerts are booked with the assistance of local, musical professionals. We do not seek applications, but musicians and bands are always welcome to send along their information and indicate interest.

Every summer, Park Spirit seeks to hire local musicians to play live, family-friendly shows at our neighborhood parks. Our summer concerts are a great opportunity for local musicians to gain exposure to a unique audience that is a cross-cut of the Worcester population and our concerts are early enough in the evening (6:30 PM) to allow bands to double-book and play somewhere else after. 

We look to feature a variety of music genres, in the hopes of attractive anyone and everyone to join us for an evening of entertainment at the park. 

Our pay-rates vary based on the park location. We require all bands to sign a booking agreement that outlines park policies and payment agreement. Please contact us for additional information and/or submit the talent inquiry below. 



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We have a concert coordinator who assists with the evaluation and booking of all bands. Please send us an inquiry and we will gladly review your material for possible booking.